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Buy a Paver

Invest in a brick paver and invest in Rotary Point at West Bay Park’s path to the future.

Why buy a paver?


The Rotary Clubs of Thurston County would like you to help by buying a brick paver to help fund the operation of Rotary Point at West Bay Park. Honor someone important, celebrate an anniversary, create a memorial or buy a brick for your family - the possibilities are endless.


All funds raised through this campaign will be used to buy needed items for Rotary Point at West Bay Park.  The funds are used to help fund Rotary’s improvements within the Rotary Point Park as well as ongoing maintenance.  Our buy-a-brick paver campaign uses Reflections Custom Etching for the engraving and setting of the brick pavers on the paths at Rotary Point at West Bay Park.

Have questions? Send us an email:

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Buy a paver today!

There are three sizes of brick pavers available for purchase.  Families or individuals may choose from the two smaller sizes, while businesses may only purchase the larger brick paver.  Engraved brick pavers will be placed randomly throughout the path at Rotary Point at West Bay Park.

Download the order form and mail to:

Rotary Point Paver Project

PO Box 7323

Olympia, WA 98507

Thank you to all who have purchased a brick paver:

List of names coming soon!

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